We will set up another Postcard Publication in the future . If you have interest in participating – please let us know



NEW Deadline:    27th of January 2014


edition:     100×25 postcards stored in a box (see photo)

We are looking for young artists from all around Europe, who are willing to submit their personal utopia and/or own concept of identity.

Format: min.300dpi, dimensions: 10×15 & a handwritten note (scanned or photographed)

further informations via contact form or via e-mail to or

Idea: get together a collection in postcard format showing images and handwritten notes from 25 different artists on the topic of a personal utopia in Europe.

How does your personal utopia look like? Maybe you have a piece of work, a sketch or a photo representing the idea of an imaginary place (real or abstract).

Write us a short notice, your personal observations or associations to your picture in your native language and an English translation to it. Your text will be printed on the back side of your postcard (we will do the layouting for you).

With this collection, we would like to encourage all participants to use these 25 postcards and create something unique with them, for example a small exhibition in a telephone cell, a café, a show room or anywhere else. Or maybe you want make a collage with them. In this way you can participate in the idea of a European network.


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