Pocket Utopia was organised by Anatol Schuster & Tina Griffith with the help of all those who supported and participated in this project.

The artists that participated were

Alejandro Valbuena Martínez * Alessia Arnesano * Anatol Anderswo * Bojan Misic * Clara Wuigk * Diana Koganer * DIDI Friedrich Boomgarden * Emeline André * Friedrich Rackwitz * Idealism-Art * Ioana Moldovan * John Forsyth* Katharina Kritzler * Katja Pál * Konstantin Schimanowski * Luna Nother * Maria Pérez-Pujazón * Maximilian Westphal * NAR * Nevena Aleksovski * Paulina Stulin * Petra Dolezova * Renata Barancova * Reyes Pérez-Pujazón * Rodolfo Silveira * Tatiana Fiodorova * Tejka Pezdirc * Tina Griffith *

Pocket Utopia No.1. was part of C.I.Y.REPUBLIC mobile artproject lab, which was being supported by the European Youth in Action Programme and the National Agency in Germany. The content of the project does not necessarily reflect the point of view of the European Union.



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