Pinokiothek der Moderne

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♥ Exhibition – opening ♥ 

start Sat., 5th of April 2014 ♥ duration 1 month

Postcard Publication presenting 25 artists from all around Europe sharing their personal utopias


organised by Tina Griffih and Anatol Anderswo

@ “Pinokiothek der Moderne”,  an art space held by Klaus Erich Dietl & Stephanie Müller

Where?   Augustenstrasse 100, 80798 München

Who? These artists are to be found in the publication No.1

*Alejandro Valbuena Martínez * Alessia Arnesano * Anatol Anderswo * Bojan Misic * Clara Wuigk * Diana Koganer * DIDI Friedrich Boomgarden * Emeline André * Friedrich Rackwitz * Idealism-Art * Ioana Moldovan * Katharina Kritzler * Katja Pál * Konstantin Schimanowski * Luna Nother  * Maximilian Westphal * NAR * Nevena Aleksovski * Paulina Stulin * Petra Dolezova * Reyes Pérez-Pujazón * Rodolfo Silveira * Tatiana Fiodorova * Tejka Pezdirc * Tina Griffith *


Installation of the exhibition on 5th of April 2014

with the help of Rodolfo Silveira, Stepahnie Müller and Klaus Erich Dietl and special guest David Schneider, who incidentally dropped by.






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